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The method of claim 4, wherein the anion selected Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren tetrafluoroborate. Compositions according to claims 9 and 10, wherein the compound is supported on inert, biocompatible systems selected from the group consisting of films, membranes, bandages and dressings, even with slow release.

Compositions according to claims 9 and 10, wherein the compound is incorporated into biomaterials selected from the group consisting of hydrogel membranes, sponges or materials that dissolve rapidly in aqueous environments. The present invention relates to the new compound "sucrose-octasulphate salified with silver" for use in compositions usefully in pathological or paraphysiological conditions of the skin, of the epithelia and of the mucosa in the prevention and treatment of infections caused by different kinds be obtained from microorganisms and are useful in the support of tissue repair.

In fact constitute infections a major problem in the Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren of cutaneous lesions and the outbreak of infections that are resistant to antibiotics is a serious problem in the clinical management of these pathologies, further made more complicated by the limited choice of antibiotics for this purpose be available.

For the treatment of these pathologies, it is therefore necessary to draw attention to therapeutics capable of one hand to support tissue repair, Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren to support the physiological processes of tissue repair or to multiply and the other - from the start to the occurrence scarring - a colony formation of pathogenic agents combat the cutaneous tissues. For Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren long time it was recognized that silver is a useful therapeutic agent in the prevention of infections.

Currently, silver nitrate forms with 0. Auch andere auf Silber Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren ionisierbare Verbindungen werden klinisch verwendet, unter diesen beispielsweise Silberlactat oder Picrat.

Other silver based ionisable compounds are used clinically, among these, for example, silver lactate or picrate. Also available are colloidal forms of silver, the antimicrobial activity not only depends on the total silver content but also on the content of free silver ions. The use of silver for the treatment of cutaneous lesions is limited due to its toxicity, which could be the reason for a delay in tissue repair, as a consequence of the cytotoxic effect of granulated tissue. This effect actually share all disinfecting agents.

Hospital Infection, 40, —, ; in "The pharmacological basis of therapeutics", A. Ausgabe, Maxwell Macmillan Int. In addition to this cytotoxic activity, there are other limitations regarding the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent: Hospital Infection40,; Due to this activity silver has Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren used as a preservative in cosmetic preparations, where it shows an activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans and Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren aureus at concentrations of 10 -5 M silver M.

Sucrose-octasulphate SOS is a compound which is read article known and is used for example in the form of an aluminum salt in sulcralfate, a compound which is widely used in the therapy of gastro-intestinal ulcers.

Sulcralfate is in fact an insoluble compound which can be polymerized in an acidic Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren to form a viscous substance capable of adhering to the gastric epithelium. Literature data lead to the hypothesis that sucrose octasulphate the bioavailability of trophic factors released locally http://m.billigzeit.de/rfa-oder-betrieb-varizen.php. This would favor the re-epithelialization of the lesioned area.

Paimela, PJ Goddard, K. This mechanism, described for the gastric epithelium, could a functional effect also at the cutaneous level of exercise J. Silen, Gastro Enter, Ein weiterer Gegenstand der Erfindung betrifft die Syntheseverfahren, gekennzeichnet durch: Die Ziele und die Vorteile der vorliegenden Erfindung werden sich im Verlauf der Beschreibung der vorliegenden Erfindung im Detail besser verstehen lassen.

Die Progression von Krampfadern objects and advantages of the present invention will be better understood in the course of describing the present invention in detail. However, these processes have the disadvantage that they do not correspond to a stoichiometric exchange, with a significant effect on the yield and the Ag titre of the final product. A further limitation, which is to be brought in relationship with this method, is to obtain unstable products as a consequence of the high acidity due to the possible formation of sulfuric acid.

Der Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren Syntheseprozess ist gekennzeichnet durch: The exchange reaction between monovalent salts of SOS and AgBF 4 proves to be the preferred, is that it results in a final product with a high Ag titre and a good yield. In particular, it appears to be essential that the exchange reaction in the dark is carried read article in an aqueous environment and in the absence of solvents, as it is also essential to eliminate the tetrafluoroborate salt obtained as a product of the exchange reaction with the starting sucrose-Octasulphatmonovalenten Ion essential.

Here, examples of the preparation of SOS-Ag are described with the purpose of non-limiting illustration of the present invention in which a skilled Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren will be in the field able to introduce all the modifications and the improvements and by the normal click the following article found by the natural evolution of the art without departing from the scope of the present invention.

Commercial SOS-K has been purified with the purpose of reducing the amount of impurities present and in particular the chloride and sulphate content, whereby a SOS-K was obtained, which contained less than 0.

The solution thus obtained was filtered through Amberlite IR H ion exchange resin, the acidic eluate fractions were collected. Das Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren wurde dann zweimal mit 35 ml doppelt destilliertem Wasser gewaschen. The resin was then washed twice with 35 ml of double Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren water.

Check this out acidic solution pH 1. All subsequent operations were carried out by in the absence of light, be it natural or was artificial, and can be carried out in an appropriate way in a dark room.

The SOS-H solution was then subjected to stirring, wherein the pH with a pH-measuring device was continuously monitored. The SOS-Ag obtained solution was allowed to stir for 4 to 5 hours and was then filtered under reduced pressure through a porous septum, which was coated with Celite HSS.

Following filtration an opalescent solution was obtained, which was again filtered through Celite until a clear solution was obtained. The radical formed by a sponge-like glass-like solid was treated with 50 ml more info acetone and again evaporated at reduced pressure to dryness.

The solid residue obtained in Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren form of shimmering off-white flakes was collected and washed twice with 70 ml of acetone was decanted and after brief stirring to eliminate the superimposed over acetone. All manipulations of the final solid were conducted in the absence of light. A solution of 7.

By this method is obtained a resin column, derivatised with Ag ions. Following washing with water, the acid form SOS-H obtained previously has been eluted through the second column, derivatised with Ag ions, whereby an eluate was obtained which was Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren by SOS-Ag.

The eluate was Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren and while it was kept in the dark, taken to dryness. Der resultierende Feststoff wurde zweimal mit Aceton gewaschen click at this page dann dekantiert. The resulting solid was washed twice with acetone and then decanted. Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren resulting compound, which http://m.billigzeit.de/phlebologe-behandlung-von-krampfadern.php formed by a Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren solid was subsequently dissolved in double distilled water and recrystallized.

Die Eigenschaften des Postinjective phlebitis Thrombophlebitis korrespondieren zu denjenigen, die in Beispiel 1 angegeben sind. The properties of the product correspond to those given in Example 1. Is dissolved in 5 volumes of distilled H 2 O The solution is allowed to cool at room temperature. Solid AgBF 4 8. Is added, whilst working in a dark room.

Immediately, forms a suspension of a fine precipitate. Das Produkt wird mit Aceton 20 ml gewaschen. The product is washed with acetone 20 ml. The solvent is removed and another aliquot 20 ml is added and this is stirred for 10 minutes. Learn more here white solid obtained was filtered with a Pyrex glass filter funnel cylindrical, with a Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren septum of porosity 3 and washed on the filter with a further aliquot of acetone 30 ml to give careful that you are not the product can be Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren for too long periods of time.

Since it is very hygroscopic it tends to become adhesive. The resulting solid is transferred into vials and dried at room temperature in a crystallizer under vacuum. The results obtained from the synthesis and the stability data indicate that, unexpectedly, is obtained from the salification reaction between SOS-H and Ag bases Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren which are stable in aqueous solution at neutral or slightly acidic pH, whilst it is known Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren Ag salts are stable in solution only in highly acidic environments.

In addition, the obtained according to Example 3 SOS-Ag results in very good stability, both in the solid state and in aqueous solution while it has the industrial advantage that it is einzelstufiges method. The synthesis procedure outlined here present in addition to obtaining a stable product also other advantages with regard to industrial applicability, in particular with regard to the high level of product yield and the high Ag titre.

The antimicrobial activity of the compound, which is the object of the present invention, SOS-Ag, having a Ag titre of Antimicrobial activity was evaluated according to the experimental setup described below.

The effect of the compounds on cellular growth was measured by assessing the absence of turbidity in the culture medium. The antibacterial activity was verified by seeding of 1 ml of the culture broth on an agar medium, with observations on days 7, 14, 21 and 28 after the start of the experiment tables 1 and 2.

The inhibition of bacterial growth has been, in this case in a confluent bacterial culture of Staphylococcus Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren ATCC obtained on solid medium evaluated according to the seed process for inclusion. Serial connections of the test products, with known Ag titers were deposited in wells with 8 mm diameter, formed in Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren medium in direct contact with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus ATCC The antibacterial activity of the products in the test was evaluated after appropriate incubations, by Tables 3 and 4 the halos of inhibition around each well was measured.

Die erhaltenen Ergebnisse Laser-Behandlung von Krampfadern Preis Saratov in den folgenden Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren angegeben, zusammengefasst je nach den unterschiedlichen verwendeten Versuchsverfahren: The results obtained are shown in the following tables, summarized according to the different experimental methods used: We report below the results obtained in the evaluation of the effect of inhibition of growth of S.

The characterization of the antibacterial activity was carried out by using the agar diffusion method, in which the substances were placed on a solid medium in contact with confluent bacterial cultures. The experiments were carried out according to Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren distinct methods: Die erhaltenen Ergebnisse sind in Tabelle 5 angegeben. The results obtained are shown in Table 5. These results were also confirmed by the diffusion tests in agar according to the method of sowing by containment, with, wells were produced with a diameter of 8 mm using a sterile biopsy punch in the medium carrying the confluent culture of microorganisms.

The results obtained were, however, not exhaustive reported as examples, with regard Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren the antimicrobial properties of the compound which is the subject of the invention, demonstrate that at a same Ag titre, have these same activity as that of the known silver compoundwhich is commonly used in therapy, or higher.

The compound SOS-Ag can therefore have the antimicrobial activity typical of the silver salts, and in particular against a Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren of bacterial strains both Gram-positive and Gram-negativeagainst fungi, viruses and yeasts.

Wir zitieren hier beispielsweise die Bakterien: Staphylococcus sp, Enterobacter sp, Clostridium sp, Acinetobacter sp, Yersinia sp, Pasturella sp, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus sp, Micrococcus luteus, Herpes simplex-Virus und menschlicher Papilloma-Virus. Herpes simplex virus and human papilloma virus.

Ausgabe, SS Block Hrsg. The above cited microorganisms are exemplified but not exhaustive in terms of the range of microorganisms on the product SOS-Ag can exert its antimicrobial activity, and it is known that silver in many different pathogenic microorganisms actively works, including many strains establishments Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren are resistant to normal antibiotics Disinfection Sterilization and Preservation, 4th edition, SS Block ed.

Therefore, the reported examples herein are not intended to define the boundaries or the objectives of the applicability of the product SOS-Ag. The Ag salts of sucrose-octasulphate, the object of the present invention, therefore, have seen from the standpoint of therapeutic application forth with respect to the known products have a number of advantages inherent essentially in their stability in solutions of Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren or slightly acidic pH, and their high _Взять wie die Medizin die trophische Geschwür betäuben колготки content.

This gives these Ag salts a prolonged antimicrobial action, whilst it is known that the brief duration of the therapeutic effect of the Ag salts available is one of the main limitations for the clinical use of these compounds. It is further known that the antimicrobial activity of silver depends not so much on the total quantity of metal present, read article on the quantity of free Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren. Furthermore the Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren on tissue repair can be further potentiated by sucrose octasulphate, of which the simulated effects have already been mentioned on the proliferation of epithelial cells.

The overall effect of the Grüne Tomaten Krampfadern can therefore lead to an improvement of the process of tissue repair, with possible simultaneous reduction of wound healing times.

An additional advantage is furthermore Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren to the possibility of avoiding the repeated daily medication necessary with the Dressings mit trophischen Geschwüren currently in use.

Wie man trophische Geschwüre behandeln Trophische Geschwür Behandlung Schien traditionellen Medizin]

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